For better future・・・・・

Recognizing the importance of the connection between Japanese real estate and overeseas customers・・・・・

Enabling people of the world to move happily from country・・・・

The goal is to make such help available・・・・・・



The company provides support for trouble-free real estate purchase by the international customers.

As well as providing publicly available information about the property,we also handle abig number of cases that the sellers don't disclose publicly.

Now,as the market in the city is close to its bottom,the signs of recovery are becoming visible,as the country's developers et al.show a lot of activity foreseeing this upward movement.

Now,it's probably the best chance to buy a property.


Please let me know if you would like to see any further information, I will be happy to forward it to you.


After the completion of the property purchase, we offer other services such as building management for prices lower than would be offered by other companies. Upon a tenancy application, we can quickly check information on facilities, maintenance etc.

Also, we can introduce a lot of rental property for the international customers so that you can move in without any trouble, and in a large number of cases guarantor is not needed.

Please, feel free to ask advice on any aspect related to the real estate.





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